RISE Content Roundup

Old books on a wooden shelf.
Old books on a wooden shelf.

Old books on a wooden shelf.Have you been to the new RE/MAX INTEGRA Skills & Education site, or RISE as its more commonly known? It’s a website and resource exclusive to the RE/MAX INTEGRA community that is jam packed with training and resources that are directly relevant to you. Everything you see posted there is relevant to your business today.

The type of content varies greatly. We have everything from agent panels, interviews, webinars, screen sharing examples, articles, and more. We have spent hours creating and curating the best information to help you continue to build and grow a successful business. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the top pieces of content to check out in between appointments during this busy spring season:

Leveraging Leaders

Our invite-only panels on specific topics have been recorded and are now available for all to see. Our first panel was for Under 30 agents and covered the issues specific to them. Our second Leveraging Leaders Panels were for Teams. Both groups took the opportunity dig deep and share the information you won’t want to miss. The future is bright at RE/MAX with agents like these leading the way!


In this series you will find all episodes of RE/MAX INTEGRA Live that have been recorded. If you missed any of them, here is the place you need to go to check them out. As an added bonus, exclusively for RISE we have begun filming RE/MAX INTEGRA Live Quick Tips which will be mini episodes on specific topics. The first one up is with Ravi Singh of RE/MAX Hallmark in Toronto who details how he has generated business off of Instagram. Stay tuned for more coming throughout the year!

Popular Posts

Some of our most popular posts include things like How to Conduct a Buyer Consultation, How to Auto Respond to a Phone Call with Text on iPhone and more recently a Guide to Landing Page Copywriting

We are constantly adding new posts so let us know what you’d like to see and which posts you like so that we can continue providing the best information available!


Another feature of RISE is the ability to ask questions. If you have a question and aren’t sure the answer just post it on RISE and a member of our training team will respond to it. What’s great about this feature is that we are able to reply with video and screen sharing so instead of telling you how to do something we can show you directly.

RISE is an ongoing platform that we will continually be adding content to so make sure to keep coming back to see what is available exclusively to the RE/MAX INTEGRA Community.

Don’t forget to follow us on RISE to be notified when we post great new content!

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